So question... Does anyone know how to contact Webster dictionary with errors? Because they forgot to add Carol's photo beside the word vibrant! I know cliche. But it's so true!!! I think after scrolling through the gallery you will see why. And let me be absolutely clear, this is a tiny snippet of how amazing and fun their day was!

It started off with a tea ceremony that was held in one of the cabins in the Predator Ridge residential area. Fun? Understatement. Carol hid in another room as she prepped for her big reveal. Kris had a series of tasks to complete before they would let him see her. I had to remind myself to not get caught up in the laughs and entertainment and keep my focus on capturing all the craziness. His final task was to find her shoes, then find her and put them on her feet like the Cinderella she is! It was the greatest way to kick off the days events! And can I add, they gave us lunch and told us to kick our feet up while we ate. I can say in 13 years of shooting weddings, I don't think I've ever been told to have a lunch break let alone forced to have one.

Carol changed into her white wedding dress and prepped herself for another big reveal. Fun side fact, Hope (She has been my sidekick for the last three seasons) has an obsession with buttons all the way down the back of a wedding dress. So I am not sure who was more in love, Kris or Hope. Lol.

We then hopped in golf carts and set out to an amazing view spot that is above the Predator Ridge Golf coarse. The view of the Okanagan lake from that location that spans from Kelowna to Vernon is nothing short of spectacular. Throw in a gorgeous bride, handsome groom and a wedding party that is equally as good looking and fun and you have Carol and Kris' photos.

The ceremony was located on the lawn area outside of the Canadian Hockey Cabin. With a small pond and the hills of Vernon in the distance, it is the perfect spot to make it official.

The cocktail hour and reception were both held at the main clubhouse. And what entrance isn't complete without a gun that shoots dollar bills with your face on it? Hands down my favourite 2019 wedding moment.