A couple laugh together as they are documented during a lifestyle photoshoot

We just aren't sure...

Do we really need an engagement session? Do you suggest one? Why should we do one? I get different variations of the same question surrounding the necessity of an engagement session. I personally love engagement sessions for a few reasons.


Let's get comfortable. Comfortable with me and comfortable with being in front of my camera. It can be intimidating. Trust me. I have had my photos professionally done. I fully understand the nerves, the overthinking, the worrying about being awkward in front of the camera. But that is what these sessions are made for. You will realize how actually photogenic and good looking the both of you are (you think I say this with sarcasm but I actually get this response a lot after I deliver an engagement session), how incredibly fun I am ( I'd like to think so...haha) and how having your photos captured by me doesn't even feel like a photo session at all. With that all out of the way, you will look forward to your wedding day without all the nerves that surround the photo part of the day.

Announce it...

You just put a ring on it. Let's announce it in style. A lot of couples use the engagement session as an opportunity to get those stunner photos to announce their wedding to their friends and family. Save the dates? Engagement photos are perfect for that. An album that guests can sign at your wedding? Also perfect!

A couple look at the vineyard that is located in hills of Kelowna BC
Sunsets over the mountains and lake in kelowna as a man and woman hold hands
Couple hugs with Okanagan Lake in the background
A girl holds her puppy as she laughs with her fiancé in the snow
Man lifts a girl and kisses her as her toes touch the water in okanagan lake

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